A Huge Egg Belonging To An Ice Age Beast Dug Up In Argentina--Amazing Discovery

This giant fossil is in remarkable condition for its age. Check out this incredible discovery!

A farmer in Argentina was shocked to find this strange looking object tucked away in an embankment on his property. He decided to investigate what looked to be a dinosaur egg.  When he got closer, he was shocked to find out what the it actually was. 

It was a shell of a glyptodont, a strange armadillo-like creature that used to inhabit South America. Check out how huge this thing is! 

They aren't sure that they will be able to keep the shell intact to perform further research. The farmers are hoping that researchers will be able to move the shell without causing any damage to the aging artifact. 

In this image you can see how the shell was found in this small crevice in the river bank. There's no current creature that is genetically close to the glyptodont. 

The shell shows some signs of damage. It's unclear whether this injury occurred when the beast was still alive, or if it has eroded over time. 

Watch the unbelievable video!