Artist Inks Delicate & Gorgeous Tattoos...They Look Exactly Like Watercolor Paintings!

Anyone who tells you that tattoo artists aren't real artists probably hasn't seen any remarkable work. These tattoos are incredible pieces of art that mimic the watercolor painting style almost perfectly. 

Aro Tattoo is a Korean tattoo parlor where an artist named Silo crafts some truly breathtaking work. He specializes in mimicking the watercolor painting style. He uses soft colors with minimal outlining to give the pieces an organic look. 

1. Silo says that flower tattoos on the feet represent fresh starts and new opportunities.

2. This piece represents a new start for a client with a troubled past. 

3. Tattoo culture in Korea is less accepting than it is in America. The practice of tattooing used to be illegal.

4. Silo had to travel to Australia and Thailand to perfect his craft. 

5. He took the techniques he learned and added his own stylistic flair once he returned to Korea.

6. Silo tries to stay open to new concepts and improve his work every day.

7. Silo grew into his identity as an artist. "I wasn't born an artist, I became one," he says. 

8. Silo doesn't buy into the argument that some people are born with incredible gifts. "It's 1 percent talent and 99 percent work," he says. 

9. Silo tries to turn people's stories into art that they will love for the rest of their lives. This butterfly looks like it was painted directly onto the skin. 

10. Silo likes mixing his watercolor style with more traditional styles of work. "If I ever get lazy, my life as a tattooist is over," he says.