Baby Girl Cries With A High Fever. Then Dad Takes Off Her Sock And Sees It On Her Toe...

Every parent should read this. 

Every parent's worst nightmare is when their child is hurting, and it's even scarier when they don't know why. Scott Walker recently had a scare when his preemie daughter, Molly, had a crying fit that left her overheated. Scott and his wife had never seen her, or their 3-year-old, react this way before and were frantic to uncover the problem.

As Molly became increasingly warm, Walker removed her socks. And, to their horror, they discovered a makeshift tourniquet had roped itself around her toe, successfully cutting off all circulation.

The object causing so much damage? A strand of hair. Molly's mother quickly removed the hair with a pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass. 

Fortunately Molly was fine, but her parents made it their mission to share this story over the internet to help future parents who may find themselves in this same situation. Whenever your child becomes agitated it's a smart decision to remove their socks, not only to reduce heat but to inspect their digits.