Go Inside Mike Tyson’s Extravagant Abandoned Mansion (Photos)

Iron Mike Tyson is a living legend in the world of boxing. Being one of the best fighters in the world pays pretty well, and Tyson isn't shy about showing off his wealth. Check out some of these incredible pictures!

Mike Tyson's huge Ohio mansion has been sold a couple times since he lived in it. It's on the market again and the rumor is it's going to be converted into a church. The outside of the building has a pretty unique look. 

The estate features an impressive covered pool house. The pool itself could use a little maintenance, but the area is to die for. 

The kitchen features a retro looking television set and a brick oven. Iron Mike Tyson might have been an aspiring Iron Chef!

Tyson's former home has a lot of luxurious looking dark stone throughout the property. This bathtub in the master bathroom overlooks a spacious garden.

There's no shortage of available space. The mansion has very high ceilings and tons of room for guests. 

The master bedroom features this incredibly cool set of doors. The woodworking must have come with an enormous price tag. 

This atrium features a housing for a huge screen and some giant speakers. This would be a great room for hosting parties. 

Another image from the master bathroom shows the continued use of the dark stone aesthetic. 

These fancy toilets look more like spaceships than anything else.

This room on the first floor features a lot of gold plating. Much of the house is adorned with precious metals.