He Found This Cat Frozen Solid Outside... But Then He Noticed Something Amazing

It's not every day you find a frozen cat on your porch. This homeowner was saddened to see the tiny critter and went to see if it was still alive. What he saw next was shocking!

This frozen cat was a gruesome sight for a man who was leaving his home. He thought it was dead, but saw it wiggle its paw and realized it might still be alive. 

The man took it upon himself to try to rescue the poor cat. He put the cat in the bathtub and began bathing her in some warm water. After a little bit of thawing, he started to see more signs of life! 

He wrapped the freshly cleaned animal in some towels and hoped for the best. The poor cat was exhausted from being exposed to the elements. The man wasn't sure if the cat was going to make it or if she was just resting. 

After a little while, the cat began to drink some water. The man took this as a great sign that the animal could eventually recover! Her movements still looked a little labored, but seeing her start to get active was very promising. 

Eventually, the cat made a full recovery! The man named her after the character Elsa from Disney's Frozen. It's a bit of a dark joke considering the cat's battle with hypothermia, but Elsa is a lovely addition to the man's family. She's now a healthy pet who spends her days in a warm and cozy household! 

Watch the heartwarming video!