Her Family Dumps Her For A Younger Dog. When The Shelter Notices, They Send Them THIS Photo

Every dog deserves a loving home!

Everyone loves a story with a happy ending. Fortunately for Cookie, her story has a very happy ending.

Cookie, a cocker spaniel, had her story go viral after she was picked up as a stray along with a young labrador. After a little bit of searching it was discovered that both pups belonged to the same owner. When the owner arrived to pick up his dogs, he shockingly left Cookie behind at the shelter.

Unfortunately, many older dogs like Cookie are abandoned at shelters because of their age. Most of these senior dogs are put down if they aren't adopted out. The folks at OC Small Paws So UT weren't about to give up on Cookie. Lynn Hamilton, one of the staff members at OC Small Paws So UT, posted Cookie's story online. It wasn't long before dog lovers across the U.S. caught wind of Cookie's dilemma, and a loving foster home was quickly found for the older pooch.

Shortly after Cookie settled into her new home, it was discovered that she had 12 cancerous tumors. After Cookie underwent her first surgery to remove most of the tumors, the staff at OC Small Paws So UT decided not to adopt her out, but instead to keep her close to her vet and the loving animal rescue staff.

Cookie is currently healing from her first surgery and is scheduled to undergo a second procedure to remove the remainder of the tumors.