Husband Tired Of Fighting For His Bed Side, Comes Up With A Genius Solution

Ladies, you better watch your back.

Redditor jonathan881, loving husband, was at a breaking point. Every night, instead of catching some relaxing zzz's, he'd duel for protection of his side of the bed. Clinging to the corner of his king size mattress had taken its toll on his mental health, and he decided to solve the argument for once and for all. So he jaunted off to the hardware store and for just $35.95, he purchased a laser where he marked the side of the bed that he shared with his wife. 

Having worked in the tech industry for over 15 years, his creativity paid off in a big way. There'd be no more arguments for whose side belongs to who because data doesn't lie. If you and your significant other are constantly dueling over who gets what, try this hack for a stress-free and dream-filled sleep.