If You Ever See One Of These Inside Your House, You Have A Major Problem On Your Hands!

Those colorful triangles scream trouble.

What's your favorite animal? 

You've probably been asked this question dozens of times, and it's very likely that your response has never been "slugs." It's not that they're scary or threatening (unless you happen to be a plant); they're just...unsightly. They leave a trail of slime in their tracks as they ever-so-slowly scoot along, and, despite their slow pace, they're annoyingly easy to miss--just ask anyone who has ever stepped on one with bare feet...  

Clearly they're not the most exciting or endearing creatures, but there's, at least, one type of slug everyone should appreciate. Once you understand how helpful they are, you'll surely become fast friends. Trust us!

Say hello to the red triangle slug!

Strange, isn't it? Although vibrant outer features can sometimes indicate that a creepy crawly is poisonous, that's not the case with this Australian native. Named after their bright birthmarks, red triangle slugs are air-breathers, accessing oxygen via the tiny hole located inside of their three-sided tattoo. Their triangular marking isn't their only unique feature. Whereas most of their sticky sidekicks have four tentacles, they only have two.   

Now that introductions are out of the way, let's get down to business and address the question that's clearly at the forefront of your mind:

"Why shouldn't I squish these? They're creepy!" 

Don't even think about it! You need these slugs. They love to munch on mold, which is truly great news. As a homeowner, mold is definitely a substance you want to be rid of, and they'll remove your mold and algae for free, simply out of the goodness of their growling bellies. No cost and no chemicals--yes, please! Even if they can't devour the (disgusting) meal themselves, their presence alone will bring your attention to a problem you may have overlooked otherwise. 

Let them do their thing!