Police Were Shocked When They Discovered No Snow On The Roof, They Busted In And Found..

When the whole town is covered in snow, it's pretty strange to see one rooftop with a large bare spot. The police decided they should probably figure out the mystery. You won't believe what they found!

Everyone loves the snow! It has a way of making everything around town look magical. Snow makes driving tough, but taking walks through the trees while everything is freshly covered  is very relaxing. Rooftops end up looking like blank canvasses. The snow covers every home around in a beautiful even coat of fresh powder.

The Netherlands gets a lot of snow each winter, so snowy rooftops are a common sight across the country. However, police were surprised to see one house that had a conspicuously dry roof. Despite snow covering every nearby building, this building's roof had a large section that was completely bare. 

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Given that every other house in the surrounding area was totally covered in snow, the police thought the dry roof was too strange not to investigate. If the snow wasn't sticking to the roof, their must be an unusual heat source underneath. 

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As it turns out, the police had good reason to be suspicious. The tenant of this building was growing marijuana on a ridiculously large scale. 

The heat lamps used to grow these plants were generating too much heat to allow snow to stick to the roof. It's legal to grow marijuana in the Netherlands, but you can only have five plants. This person had a growing operation that would make Pablo Escobar blush. Plants and heat lamps lined an entire large room from wall to wall. Winter is a magical time of year, but these aspiring kingpins probably aren't too fond of the weather that doomed their illegal plans.