Real Pictures Of The Titanic Disaster Guaranteed To Give You Chills

Everyone knows the story of the Titanic, but seeing these images is breathtaking. Check out some of these firsthand shots of the famous ill-fated ship. 

1. The Titanic is captured here leaving the port in Southampton, England.

2. Here is a starboard view of the craft as it sailed from port. No one could have known what would transpire just hours later.

3. This rare photo shows the Titanic undergoing its last phases of construction.

4. First class suites on the Titanic were very luxurious.

5. Some suites even featured beds with beautiful bed curtains.

6. This image provides a rare closeup of the ship's side panels as it was preparing for launch.

7. This image shows just a few of the 15,000 workmen who helped build the Titanic.

8. The Titanic's double lower decks are visible in this construction photo. The plating is just starting to be added to the top of the ship.

9. One of the Titanic's decks featured this beautiful Parisian cafe.

10. A huge group of shipyard workers are pictured in this rare photo, which was taken as the workers left for home after a long day of construction.