Using Simple Materials, He Transformed His Dining Room. You'll Gasp When You See This! 

From drab to fab--this dining room makeover is a must-see! 

Imgur user MidnightXII and his wife love to entertain their friends and family members. However, their small dining room combined with their bulky hand-me-down table and chairs made the space less than ideal for hosting dinner parties. So, the couple put their heads together and came up with a brilliant and affordable way to transform their dining room into a functional space where they could accommodate their guests. The final results of this DIY transformation are extraordinary! 

1. They began the renovations by removing their hand-me-down furniture (and dog) from the 9'x6.5' space.

2. Next, MidnightXII built supports along the longest wall using studs. After the first support was in place, he was able to construct the seat supports for their chic new dining room.

3. Vertical and horizontal supports were added to prevent the wood from bending and changing shape.

4. The bench was wrapped around to two other walls and square-shaped supports were built and attached to the shorter walls.

5. After adding supports on all three walls, MidnightXII measured and cut plywood to create new booth seats. 

6. The plywood booth seats were then covered with two-inch seat foam to make them more comfortable. Oddly enough, the seat foam was the most expensive material used in this DIY project.

7. The couple chose to use outdoor fabric for their booth seats since it's waterproof and hard to stain. Good thinking! 

8. MidnightXII enlisted his mother's help, and she used her crafting skills to staple the fabric to the foam-covered booth seats.

9. Once the seats were finished, bead board was cut for the front of the dining benches, and a hole was cut for an air conditioning vent.

10. Although the hole in the bead board was misshapen, it was covered completely by the vent grille. 

11.  White trim was added, and any gaps were fixed with caulking. 

12. Next, the entire bench was painted with two coats of white paint. 

13. Then, a stunning table that was custom-built by MidnightXII was placed in between the benches. 

14. His wife added the final decorative touches to bring their vision to life. This beautiful DIY dining room can now fit 12 people comfortably and up to 15 people total if chairs are placed at the end of the table. 

Can you believe that this is the same room from the first photo? Now, they'll have a hard time getting their guests to leave this cozy dining room!