When Her 2 Kids Grew Up, She Decided To Build Her Dream Home. We're Speechless!

Most people use their empty nest as an excuse to move to the house of their dreams. This mom did exactly that and you won't believe how cool her new place is! 

M.J. Boyle is a builder and a designer. She's always been interested in tiny houses, but never had the opportunity to build one because she also has two kids. Now that her children are off to college, she finally has her own house on wheels! 


She has put an amazing amount of work into this tiny living space. It took her slightly over a year, but she's almost finished with her dream home. She calls it "My Empty Nest." 

The tiny house comes complete with a living room, a sleeping area, and a fully functional kitchen. Boyle still needs to touch up some caulking and finish her composting toilet, but the project is mostly complete. 

Boyle says she has used the project to relieve stress. She finds a lot of happiness in seeing the project come together. She's ecstatic that the house she's always wanted is almost entirely finished! 


Her bedroom is a tiny loft that sits above her living room. It has just enough room for a nightstand and a comfortable bed. 

Many of Boyle's friends have visited the home and they love it almost as much as she does. She had to use space efficiently, so her stairs double as extra storage space. 

This project has been an emotional one for Boyle. Her new home is wonderful but it reminds her that her kids are away at school. She has filled the house with decorations that offer her words of encouragement. 

She even included an extra loft to serve as a reading nook. As long as they bring a sleeping bag, the loft could also serve as a guest bedroom. 

"You have helped me see that no matter where my kids are, and even if I am your only official occupant, you will never be truly empty," she writes on her blog. 

Boyle hopes that her home can serve as a place where she can spend lots of happy moments. She misses her children, but she's found comfort in her DIY project that she can enjoy every day.